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Many people, in small or large businesses, use Microsoft Office on a day-to-day basis: for email, document preparation and of course Excel spreadsheets for finances, data analysis and many other purposes. Particularly in Excel, very few users know more than a tiny proportion of what is available. I aim to give you a proper understanding of the software, with both the training content and delivery method tailored to suit your needs. I can save you money, too. As a freelancer, much of my work comes through training organisations and agencies, but it is much more cost-effective - on both sides - if I work direct with my clients, avoiding the large fees charged by each link in the chain between client and trainer. You get the same training - and we both win on the deal financially.


Sometimes, though, training is not the best answer. Rather than spending time and money learning how to do something very complex, or required only occasionally, it might be better to purchase a ready-made solution customised to deal with a particular problem: automating a regular task, or designing a better document or spreadsheet. 



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I am a DBS-checked IT trainer with many years' experience. Most of my experience is with Microsoft Office on PCs, though I also come across users of Apple Macs and other devices and software. I offer a wide range of course types and styles so that training can be as easy and effective for you as possible. I can ditch the jargon to communicate effectively with novices; equally I can delve into advanced features and show power users just what can be achieved with the right knowledge. 


Most of the training I deliver is course-based, to professional clients in London, or in and around Essex. But I also offer smaller-scale training to local individuals or small businesses. I can  show novices and the elderly how to get to grips with new technology, using smart phones and tablets to connect with friends and relatives, and I can help with  email setup, sharing and storing photos and protecting them against computer viruses and other malware. My training style is always flexible, personal and tailored to my clients' requirements, whether they are beginner level or aiming for the stars!



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As well as training, I produce custom-built solutions for many of my clients, such as creating Word templates for a variety of situations, or a variety of Excel spreadsheets automated with macros and VBA to carry out complex but routine tasks at the click of a mouse. Even if macros are not required, I can optimise workbooks to make them clearer so that they are easier to use for data entry;  I can also add charts and pivot table reports to analyse the data, or go further with the new Power Tools available in the latest versions of Excel. If you use a feature very seldom, sometimes it's better to get somebody else to do it for you, rather  than  struggle to remember how to do it each time.


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